Membership for the GSBA

We thank you for your interest in joining the GSBA. We are a group of independent business owners and managers who meet to network, exchange ideas and give back to the community. Our mission is to build better businesses for a better Springfield and be actively involved in charitable community activities. Please read the membership criteria and submit your application through the link at the bottom of this page if you are interested in joining the GSBA.

The GSBA Membership criteria is as follows:

  • Must be nominated by at lease one current member in good standing.
  • Must live, own and/or operate a business in Springfield School District (includes Morton Borough).
  • Candidate as an individual, not the business, will be considered for membership.
  • Candidate must agree to adhere to all established bylaws.
  • Candidate must have the ability to attend our bi-weekly meetings consistently.
  • Candidate and/or business must not be a competitor to an existing member.

Meeting Information:

  • Each member is required to attend our general meetings every other Wednesday at 7:30AM.
    The meetings take place at the Springfield Diner.
  • Each member should serve on an ancillary committee and be available for additional meetings when necessary.
    Please remember that you must be committed to the GSBA for our group to succeed and flourish.
  • Our success is based on members attending meetings as scheduled.
    As a result, membership requires attendance at meetings. No more than 3 meetings may be missed in a 6 month period.

Meeting Information:

  • Dues $700.00 per year ($175 per Quarter)
  • Fundraising activities require purchase/sales of tickets for events.
  • Active participation during events.

Time Commitment:

  • There is a minimum # of meetings that must be attended.
  • If you fail to meet the minimum you will no longer be a member.

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